Samaydaan Hanuman Mandir

Android & Web Application

What we did: App & Web  Development
Platform: Android and Web
Location: India


Samaydaan Hanuman Mandir is an Online Mobile Application concept based on spirituality. The Mobile Application was put into execution as seeing the growing demands of online platform. This Mobile Application is designed by keeping user experience in mind. The religious app is available for all the countries.

Samaydaan is an online platform where you will get all the features to do Bhakti in form of Audio, Video, Reading, Darshan, Virtual Puja. You can donate time in seconds, minutes, days, months and years according to your faith, devotion, dedication, comfort. User can easily access the mobile app, it has simple & easy to use features which you can use in your daily life routine. The app is totally free there are no charges for registration or using all the facilities.

Project Goals

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Client Motto

Our aim and object is to collect various “Hanuman devotees” from the world through our android app. We want you to do devotion in the worship of “Lord Shri Hanuman Ji” directly without any superstition and without any tantra or mantra and feel your own experiences in the devotion to “Lord Shri Hanuman Ji”. We will declare the big time donors according to month & year and we will honor them in proper way.


Research, research and more research. We have experienced to build an religious mobile app for the first time, it was an mobile app which needed Indian touch. The most challenging part of this app was to connect user on this online bhakti platform in the easy & modernized way where you can directly donate time according to your wish & comfort for Hanuman Puja. For better user experience we have designed the app with decent look, indian touch feel & easy to use features.



Signup: Any user can sign up directly by mobile app, website or via many options i.e. with Google+, Facebook.

OTP verification: Once the user signs up, there will be a One-Time-Password verification for authentication.

Edit profile: Once a user profile is created, he/she can edit his/her profile accordingly.

Take oath: User can take oath, it’s a  reminder setting according to suitability he/she can select option as particular days, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Edit oath: Once the user has taken the oath he/she can edit the selected type, time format, duration.

Cancel oath: User can cancel the oath for the particular day, week, month, year. If he/she is not willing to continue. According to suitability he/she can join again.

Notification:  The user will be notified regularly about their selection of oath (timing).

Time calculation: Once a user start using the mobile app, we will track count of time in seconds, minutes, days, months and years according to the usage of features. User can also check the amount of time donated by him/her in the app.

Virtual Puja: User can do Puja in mobile app just as in a Hanuman temple. Carry your puja accessories with you wherever you go. It is a great companion for those who travel or not able to visit mandir or on daily basis he/she can do Puja with ease of Hanuman pictures, accessories, mantra, songs and so on. You can perform pujas anywhere in the world.

New arrival: User can check ‘What is new!’ he/she will be notified.

Hanuman Darshan: User can do Hanuman Darshan of different cities by selecting the specific city.

My Mandir: User can keep his/her favorite images of Hanuman Mandir by selecting it from Hanuman Darshan.

Live video: User can do live darshan of various mandir’s sitting at their home, on a click.

Contact Us: The queries which come via contact us are managed in this where they are replied on regular basis.

Ratings: User can rate/review mobile app in the play store.

Admin Panel

User panel: It has options i.e. delete, block and user can be searched easily according to their firstname, lastname, fullname, pincode, city, country, state, contact number.

Upload: This option is available to upload PDF files, audio, video, images.

Count time: This option is available to check the total time spent of user. It is calculated on the basis of bhakti, darshan, listening audio, watching video & reading.

Edit uploaded files: This option is available in case of modification of text, images, audio, video, PDF files.

Delete uploaded files: This option is available to remove the uploaded files from the choice of category.

Sequence: From here you can easily change the sequence of uploaded files, to show it on frontend.

Firebase (On mobile app): It’s a platform to view the user engagement that help us with smarter targeting and insights at a place.

Google analytics (On website): It’s a platform to view the user engagement that help us with smarter targeting and insights at a place.

In the second release there were few improvements which took place as follows:

1.) Take oath: To make the user experience more friendly and after feedback from users we have removed the restriction of taking oath. Now, user can access each and everything easily.

2.) PDF files: We have reduced the PDF file size.

3.) Audio & Video files: We have compressed the audio & video to make it load fast.

4.) OTP: For the better user experience we have set auto detect OTP.

5.) Sequence: Sequence feature to upload files has been added to reduce the workload in admin panel.

Fifth release

Addons (Added new features):

1.) Educated stories: We have added motivational stories in form of text, audio & video.

2.) Mantra & Jaap: User can listen & read mantras easily from our app.

3.) Downloadable items: User can download, share, set wallpaper (images) & set ringtone (audio) in their phones.

4.) My mandir: User can add their favorite images in ‘Select favorite Hanuman Mandir’ option.

5.) Famous temple: User can do live darshan of Hanuman Mandir through videos.

6.) Update: User can update their Samaydaan Hanuman Mandir app when we have some update available. You can see the update option in drover.

7.) New arrival: We have removed the most viewed option & for betterment we have added new arrival option to get the latest updates.