Hackaholic v/s Codeholic

Hi, thanks for landing by this not-so-interesting looking post of mine. In this piece of paper I would like to introduce you to with story behind this blog. Blogging has always been an fascinating thing for me, for bloggers are the only guys who fuel  Internet. So, it started with my first blog Hackaholic.in, where I seldom blog these days. Last time when I was plannning to roll out a blog of mine, I had two choices in my mind either to go with Hacking and Cracking niche that would teach one to kick some asses, while other one was about Coding (all that I knew) and making things happen. Basically, it going to be either Hackaholic or Codeholic. Of course I went on with Hackaholic and did actually kick some asses.

But what now, why I have now switched to Codeholic while Hackaholic was doing well?  The reason is that I’m no more a Teen (Okay I’m, but a little matured one), I have learned a thing or two about writing better codes, I have not just broken but also created few software and most importantly I now know that the real engineering is applied in creating things, not in breaking them, hence Codeholic. Drums please!!



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