WordPress Setting API

How to make THEME OPTION using WordPress Setting API. All the code written in functions.php   Firstly, we register a THEME OPTION page in our admin dashboard. Here is the result: Now, we will see how we can create options or fields for our theme Settings. With this it just show you a heading (Theme Option) and a button. Below […]

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How to generate Pinterest Client ID and Secret key

If you wish to extend or integrate the Pinterest service then you certainly need to use Pinterest’s API.  Recently while I also wanted to make use of Pinterest API, it took me a lot of efforts to generate Pinterest App’s Client ID and Secret Key because Pinterest Developers website doesn’t make it that intuitive. After searching for more than half an hour I found […]

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login_redirect not working with s2 Members WordPress Plugin

Recently I came across an issue that I wasn’t able to use login_redirect filter for some reason. I dig deep down to find out the problem, so I print_red the wp_filter variable at wp-login.php file and came to know that the login_redirect hook was being tinkered by s2_member plugin. For me it came as a shocker because such reputated plugin […]

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Cropping images with

Recently I came across service of which allows you to resize images on the fly.   Here is the syntax:[URL_TO_IMAGE]?resize=180,180   Note: The URL will be in this format: www.mysitecom/myimg.jpg, make sure you don’t use “http://”

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